The Berks Business Education Coalition (BBEC) came about in 1992 as leaders within the Berks County business and education communities saw the need for an organization dedicated to collaboration among leaders in education and business.

Then, as now, the mission focuses strongly on ways to enhance the career awareness and the aspirations of Berks County’s students. We have promoted initiatives to raise the academic standards for students, to foster preparedness for meaningful employment or higher education and to reinforce the “soft skills” that employers value in successful employees.

The mission set forth 29 years ago continues today. We are particularly focused on the needs of those students in our community that are at risk. As we set our path for the years ahead, we realize also the critical need to prepare all children, especially at the earliest Pre-K levels, with the cognitive and social foundations that undergird all further learning success.

The BBEC is focused on facilitating and supporting member schools’ efforts to improve career planning, academic performance, and higher education enrollment of students in Berks County.